The Caravan Magazine, Volume 2, Kalimat Edition

With great honor, we present our dear readers the fourth edition of the Caravan Magazine, which through the last couple of editions has grown from the strength to strength due to efforts of faithful and divine blessings.

We are confident of our success in this endeavor as we find strength in the fact that spreading the pristine message of Baha’u’llah affords to us a blessing so magnanimous that we are propelled to success.

The focus of this magazine is not only a presentation of inspiring material about the faith, but it is also a showcase for pieces of intensive research works which will be published in due course of time.

From this edition onwards, we plan to analyze the Will of the Master piecemeal so that our readers get to know the facts thereby enabling themselves to come to an informed conclusion.

We hope that this endeavor will serve its noble purpose of awakening the Baha’is who believe in following the unaltered teachings of Baha’u’llah.

To download the magazine, click: The Caravan V2 E3


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